Recirculating chillers

We make a general distinction between 3 cooling systems: air-cooled recirculating chillers, water-cooled recirculating chillers and system separators (water-to-water chiller). The choice of a suitable cooling system depends very much on the actual situation and the work process to be served.

The recirculating chillers of all 3 cooling systems are manufactured individually and to customer requirements by Van der Heijden Labortechnik GmbH. In this way, you as the customer will receive the best possible equipment performance for your work process.


Air-cooled recirculating chillers 

Air-cooled recirculating chillers have a compressor, and discharge the waste heat to the surrounding environment. For this reason, these chillers cannot be installed in enclosed laboratory furniture. Otherwise the warm air would again be absorbed by the chiller and proper cooling would not be possible. Air-cooled recirculating chillers are stand-alone units requiring only a supply of electrical voltage; however, they also have higher noise emissions than e.g. system separators.



  • - Independent of other cooling systems



  • - Higher noise level than system separators
  • - Waste heat is discharged into the surrounding environment (approx. 40% more than the specified cooling rating)


Water-cooled recirculating chillers 

Water-cooled recirculating chillers also have a compressor, but discharge the waste heat to the tap water or cooling water and not to the surrounding environment. It is therefore possible to install these units in laboratory furniture. With higher-rated units, the noise level is higher compared to that of a system separator owing to the compressor.



  • - High output rating
  • -Can be installed in laboratory furniture
  • - Smaller dimensions compared to air-cooled systems



  • - Higher noise level than system separators
  • - Water consumption (only where connected to a tap water supply)


System separators (water-to-water refrigerators) 

System separators are connected to an existing cooling water system on the premises. The cooling water is usually too cold for cooling items such as a laser or an electronic microscope, or the quality of the water is poor. The KÜHLMOBIL as system separator offers the ideal solution for these problems; furthermore it is very compact. This cooling system does not require a compressor. For the purpose of cooling, a difference to the required temperature value of at least 2°C is allowed for. System separators are available in the same output ratings as air- and water-cooled recirculating chillers.



  • - Lower purchase price compared to air- and water-cooled recirculating chillers
  • - Very little waste heat discharged to the surrounding space
  • - Smaller in size compared to air- and water-cooled recirculating chillers, and lower noise level
  • - Works without a compressor and hence without cooling medium
  • - Low energy input because the cooling output of the existing water system is used



  • - The cooling output depends on the temperature of the existing cooling water system


Principle of system separators (water-to-water chiller):


We are happy to advise you regarding your selection of a recirculating chiller suitable for your requirements; please phone 044 822 31 71 or send an e-mail to

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