VACUNET for vacuum network

The supply of several working stations with vacuum over a vacuum network opens up new possibilities for saving costs and laboratory space and the efficient use of laboratory vacuum. Short hose connections lead to more orderliness and an improved overview, which in turn result in increased safety for laboratory personnel, materials and equipment. The use of a powerful vacuum pump allows the vacuum requirement of several working stations to be supplied locally and the actual vacuum requirement of a recipient to be controlled and measured from a central point. These positive characteristics are combined in MLT's VACUNET system. The VACUNET vacuum network is configured in accordance with the modular principle and is suitable for installation in new laboratory furniture or for retrofitting into existing laboratory facilities. If desired, the hose connections between the individual modules can be routed as exposed to view in front of the laboratory screen or behind the cover.


The compact yet powerful VX3 vacuum membrane pump can supply up to 6 working stations with vacuum. This arrangement avoids the high costs of providing several vacuum pumps, yet retains the flexibility of individual working stations. A number of different modules also offer the user the possibility at a later stage of modifying or expanding his VACUNET system to suit changed needs.


The MLT VACUNET system consists of 2 basic modules that can be combined with different types of magnetic valves, hand/lock valves, hand valves and double connections and adjusted to suit the needs of the user. The use of materials with high chemical resistance also ensures the durability of the product when used with aggressive media. The individual modular enclosures are manufactured in aluminium and covered with a hard Ematal coating. All modules fulfil the highest requirements for quality and resistance. The individual module enclosures are fitted with an integrated check valve. This prevents external influences from affecting the working pressure or causing contamination.


Basic modules

Basic modules include the valve plate for wall fastening VN and the vacuum-distribution-column-4 VN.

The valve plate for wall mounting VN has 1 valve position and can be mounted in a space-saving manner on a wall or vertical surface. The vacuum-distribution-column-4 VN can be mounted on a horizontal supporting surface (e.g. laboratory bench), requires similarly little space and has 4 valve positions.


Hard Ematal coating the assurance of chemical resistance

The coating of the VACUNET modules in the hard Ematal process fulfils the highest requirements for chemical resistance of the materials. This process protects aluminium components with a highly wear-resistant and smooth surface. The 70 – 85% of the coating penetrates into the structure of the substrate material and 15 – 30% acts as an additional layer and encapsulates the aluminium enclosure. We achieve         optimum resistance with an additional highly effective anticorrosion seal. Experience has shown that as a rule, even with an intensive corrosion load on the VACUNET modules used with highly aggressive chemicals, the product can achieve a service life of over 10 years.


The use of elements from the VACUNET range creates ORDERLINESS-OVERVIEW-SAFETY.

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